Get Your Second Wind

Updated: Jan 3

In the world of fitness there is a term used called “your second wind”. When I was playing high school and college sports, when preseason came and it was time for us to get in shape for the season ahead, our my coaches would run us into the ground. We would be doing so much cardiovascular and strength training that our bodies would hurt. There would be days where I could barely walk or get out of bed. Even though I felt like it, I could not give up. I had to get back up and do it all over again in order to be the best I could be. It never failed, no matter what, there always came a point when doing any endurance training that I would hit a wall but soon after I would get another burst of energy that seemed to be longer lasting than when I started. The exercises became easier and did not hurt as much. What I am describing is the second wind. It’s your body literally switch from one source of energy to another which is longer lasting.

When you start an exercise program or change the style of exercise your using, your body will feel challenged. Your mind will reach a point where you may ask yourself “is this worth it”? I promise you that if you keep pushing forward you will get your second wind. You will be able to push past the limits that you did not think you could. One of the best ways to reach this point would be to implement what is called interval training. This allows you to perform short burst of exercise followed by active rest. During those short 30 second to 1 minute periods of exercise you will be giving it all you have for that short amount of time. During your active rest periods you be doing just what it sounds like. You will still be moving but at a much lower rate than before. This period will usually only last 30 seconds at the most before you start the next round of all out exercise. It would look something like this:

Treadmill Interval Training After your warmup (always important to warmup before you exercise) Start with your active rest period for 30 seconds, once that clock hits 30 seconds increase the speed to where you are between a run and a sprint. Maintain this for 30 seconds then go back to active rest. Repeat this for 4 - 10 minutes.

Running Outside After your warmup, start with a fast walk or jog. When your watch hits 30 seconds pick up speed for 30 seconds then go back down to your jog pace. Repeat this for 4 - 10 minutes.

After completing this for a few weeks you will begin to notice you will not need as much rest during the workout because your endurance is greater and your second wind will last even longer. At this point you can either change your high intensity exercise time to 40 or 50 seconds or decrease your active rest time to 10 or 20 seconds. The fun thing is you can change this up in anyway you want to.

This key is you have to complete the training, you have a to push past the pain and discomfort. Then and only then will you get your second wind.

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