Divine Design Fitness is dedicated to helping those who are ready to make a change in their health and fitness. With 15 years of training experience, we want to educate, 

motivate, and help you get in shape. 


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Divine Design Fitness was created by Marrin Ellis. He holds a Biology and Chemistry degree as well as being a Certified Personal Trainer for 15 years and has had the privilege of helping hundreds of people with their life transformations by coaching them through fitness. Your body is one of the best examples given to us to teach us the principles of creation and transformation.

Marrin has trained the stay at home mom that is looking to get or stay in shape to the corporate executive who realizes that they need to be in better shape to be able to work at their full capacity. He has also been the strength and conditioning coach for various high school programs as well as trained professional athletes from the NBA, NFL and various other sports.

His training method is designed to help anyone who desires to see changes in their fitness, their health, their relationships and their lives. In all the years of coaching clients towards their success a pattern began to form. The pattern is identical to the pattern used to create everything we see. Our "ReNewal" system is built up from 3 phases. "ReThink, ReTrain, ReBuild" and the pillars that have given Divine Design Fitness so much success.

The other half of Divine Design Fitness is Tunisia Ellis. With 17 years of healthcare experience as a Nurse, she is able to speak to the medical aspects of health and fitness that many don't know or understand. Developing a well balanced body requires both an understanding of fitness and medical and that is what Marrin and Tunisia strive to teach.

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ReThink . ReTrain . ReBuild.

Divine Design Fitness helps our community to transform their lives using the transformation principles of fitness. Our framework is built off of 3 pillars "ReThink, ReTrain, and ReBuild". Through 1on1 Coaching, Virtual and Online Training, Bootcamps and speaking engagements we have been able to help countless individuals transform their lives towards better health, fitness and faith.